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    Dr. Deepak Chaudhary Every building has a story. Just ask the people who built it, or the people who conceived of the project, or those who hope to be served by it in the future. If one were to talk to the thousands of people who played a role in bringing this building to life, you would hear thousands of different stories. From the architects to the construction workers, to the engineers, to the doctors, to the patients, what you see before you today is the culmination of a truly collaborative process. As sports is becoming more and more competitive, the nature of sports injuries is becoming complex and requires a multidisciplinary approach towards their treatment.The concept of the Sports Injury Centre was founded on the basis of a long felt need of the nation of providing integrated diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative services under one roof for the sportspersons of our country at par with international standards so that our sportsperson don’t have to go abroad for their treatment. Keeping in mind the above need, a special clinic of Sports Injury was started in 1997 at the Central Institute of Orthopaedics, Safdarjang Hospital which was upgraded to a full-fledged Sports Injury Unit in 2004. Finally in 2009 the foundation stone of the Sports Injury Centre was laid and the Centre was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Sh. Manmohan Singh on 26th September 2010. So many people have had a hand in making possible the designing, the planning, and building of our new hospital. I want to highlight, however, the vision of Sh. GhulamNabi Azad, Hon’ble Minister of Health & FW, and of course the special devotion and the role of officials of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and allied ministries. These and many, many others have made what started as a dream of a few, finally into the reality that thousands are going to have an opportunity to benefit from. "People that can reach out to the stars, has decided that the problems of human misery can be solved, and they will settle for nothing less." That statement beautifully captures the mission of the Sports InjuryCentre. Inside this marvellous new facility, specialized surgical expertise, latest technology & equipment are available to treat sportsperson plagued with some of the world's most complexsports injuries. Physiotherapist and other allied medical and paramedical health workers work diligently to help treat these injuries and relieve suffering. The quality of life of millions will be improved. Truly, miracles will happen. Together we've constructed a new foundation to build upon the existing unit’s traditions of medical education, groundbreaking research, and unparalleled patient care. The story of this Centre has just begun…..

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